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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Member hold office in both Auxiliary and Branch at the same time?
Branches By-law may state that members holding office in the Branch shall not hold office in the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Branch simultaneously. Our recommendation would be that a member should not hold office in both the Branch and Auxiliary at the same time. You may hold office in one and serve on a committee in the other though. The office of Immediate Past President is considered an office (even though this is not an elected office) so if your Auxiliary Immediate Past President is also a member of the Branch, then she should NOT run for office in the Branch until such time as she is no longer the Immediate Past President.

Where is the name tag worn?
The name tag is to be worn on the right side of the blazer above the medals. The name tag can also be worn on clothing other than the auxiliary uniform.

If a woman lets her dues lapse and in the meantime has divorced (if she joined under her husband’s number) can she re-join using his number?
No, however, if a woman does not let her dues lapse after a divorce, and keeps paying her Auxiliary membership dues, then she continues her membership unchanged.

If a lady wishes to transfer to another Auxiliary but has not paid her dues for the current and immediately preceding year, can she transfer?
No. Only members in good standing may transfer - if she not a paid up member she is not in good standing.

Can a membership secretary approve membership applications?
No, all applications for membership should be approved by the general membership.

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